Braun Series 5 (8995) Men's Shaver

Braun Series 5 (8995) Men's Shaver

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  • Hundreds of happy customers
  • Provides comfort and smoother gliding for a close shaver
  • Captures hairs growing from different directions for a closer shave in fewer strokes
  • 3 stage cutting system - twin foils and integrated cutter shave long hairs and stubble progressively closer
  • Clean and renew system - cleans the shaver head in alcohol for optimal hygiene and less irritation on the skin

Real Testimonials

I bougt my first Braun shaver about 12years ago. The original battery finaly died when it was left on a day or i bought this new one,great shave outstanding quality.

- Stephen H.

I am very satisfied with this product. It took me a long time to decide between the series 3, 5 0r 7. I finally went with the series 5 and could not be more content with my decision.

- DP..

I bought this electric shaver for my husband. He loves it. He thought it was such a good razor he recommended to our son who purchased the same one.

- Leigh A.

My fourth Braun shaver in the last 20 years - they are the best. This is the first time I paid the big money ($180)for a high end unit with the cleaing unit. Honestly do not see a big difference from the $100 unit. Good shaver.

- Bread L.