Homedics SBM-500H

Homedics SBM-500H Therapist Select Shiatsu One Massaging Cushion with Heat

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  • Two separate massage mechanisms for the shoulder and back
  • The shoulder massage mechanism includes a height adjustment to customize your massage
  • The back massage mechanism has spot shiatsu and width control to provide targeted relief for the back
  • Both massage mechanisms provide quick heat on demand
  • 6 programs to choose from

Real Testimonials

Great product, lots of options.Very confortable to just sit on, nothing pokes you like many of the other massage cushions. This is my 3rd type of Homedics Shiatzu Massage Cushion. For the added money I spent, would have preferred the one unit for my needs & less $. Downside it is made for taller people, I am 5'5" and have to continually adjust the heights. Also, the area between the upper back & shoulders gets missed between the 2 sections. Other than that best price for this unit was from Amazon, other sites & stores were asking over $200.

- Kathy B.

I bought this for my husband because the stamina of my massage skills is limited. I think i use this more then he does now! We love it :-) It's completely adjustable with several settings and heat. We are very tall people, and it works great for us despite that.

- Trista..

I have had a lot of pain this summer and spent a lot of money with massage therapist. This does not replace that, but after massage and get doing stuff pain is quick to come back. Homedics sbm-500h is great product, second massager I have gotten from them and loved them both. Really love it before bed, it gets be so close to falling asleep in chair. Also great when at computer for long times or when get up in the morning. Well worth the price.

- Larry..