Mattel Barbie 3-Story Dream House Playset

Mattel Barbie 3-Story Dream House Playset

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  • The entire 3-story Dream HouseĀ® is over 3 feet tall and fully furnished
  • Realistic sounds like a stove that sizzles, doorbell, even a flushing toilet and two songs on the house intercom
  • Gourmet-style kitchen with plenty of storage comes with all the popular conveniences
  • The third story has Murphy bed and is removable for on-the-go complete house play

Real Testimonials

Great fun for hours and hours of playtime! The only problem we have is that the window frames fall off/out. Other than that, a fantastic toy!

- G. Reymond.

I purchased this for my niece for her birthday, and wow did it make her day. It has now been about 9 months and still still plays with it daily and even though it has seen quite a lot of use by her and her friends, it is still in great shape.

- Randy K..

This is a great product and I just love the door bell, music and the flushing toilet oh also the dryer turnes so cute and has been worth having.

- Amy O..

This is one of the best toys we have for quiet play! My daughter is 4 and enjoys her house all of the time. She sets up the rooms, cooks in the little kitchen, attaches her doll to the spiral staircase for a ride up, gives her dolls a bath etc. There are so many fun things for her to do and interact with in this house. The doors open and close and the parts move...toilet lid opens, stove makes a sizzle sound, washer and dryer open and close, door bell rings etc. My daughter loves the pink canopy that hangs over the master bed. This is a large doll house but it does fold up if you can ever get your child to put it away! :)

- LG..