playseat evolution gaming seat

Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat

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  • Compatible with PCs and the Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, and Wii gaming consoles
  • Can be used with most console and PC steering wheel and pedal sets on the market
  • High quality vinyl upholstered seat provides the look and feel of real leather
  • Features a patented folding design with a fully adjustable steel framework
  • Bears the Playseat logo in the headrest and side panels

Real Testimonials

Despite being 6ft3 200+ lbs the seat is comfortable; I can even slide my 6 year old in, and play with him steering and me on the pedals. Both the pedals and steering wheel attachments are adjustable with its max range out of the comfortable reach of my legs. If anything, they should make it work for smaller folks like my 6 year old, who cannot reach the pedals. He is 4ft, I expect you need to be at least 4ft6. The seat folds, but think twice if you want it to pack away discreetly in a tight corner; in this regard the manufacturer's photos are accurate. The only thing that I would really add are channels to enable the wires to be discreetly routed; with just 3 cables for the wheel, it still looks like a mess of spaghetti. The steering wheel attachment could be a bit stiffer, but I do not notice this when playing. They also include loads of Velcro and ties to keep things attached. Bottom line, if you like racing games, and want to treat yourself, this seat will fit the bill.

- O.

After doing some research I decided to purchase this seat as it seemed to be the better choice as far as quality and value were concerned. Being 6'4' and 250 lbs, I was looking for comfort, stability, durability and easy storage. In addition a degree of adjustability so others could enjoy. The seat took 20-30 minutes to assemble and all tools were included. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. I must say I'm more than impressed with the product. It is everything one could want, comfortable, sturdy and very well designed. Coupled with the Logictech G27 driving system it makes for an incredible home driving simulator. If you are looking for the perfect setup for your driving games and sims, look no further. You will be very happy as I can't imagine there is a finer option for this price....A couple of notes regarding set up.. As you personalize your set up and position pay attention to the placement of the arm that holds the steering wheel as you should position this fairly close to the seat as opposed to closer to your feet and this will keep the middle column in a position that will not interfere with the braking and shifting..... GREAT PRODUCT !!!!!!! Enjoy.......!

- Big D...